About Us

For community, by community

We love clothes and see it as a tool for self expression and activism. It’s pushed vital conversations about racial and gender justice to more mainstream spheres. It’s educated and unified people to advance the legal rights for marginalized communities. And it just looks so dayum good, especially the eco-sustainable fits. Now, mental health is getting fresh look. CKGT Apparel is a lifestyle brand that shows the joy and duality of people like you putting their mental health first. Whatever your journey entails, it certainly is not only filled with hardships but with progress, self-confidence, community and joy — and that is what makes us inspiring, relatable, and well, cool as fuck.

Our Story

Cool Kids Go To Therapy Apparel all began with my own journey to be my authentic vibrant self. For years, I was burdened by the desire to please others while also being afraid I would lose my community once I showed the many layers of my vulnerability.  Facing the intersections of anti-black racism, colorism, transphobia and classism, it became more apparent that I must care and affirm myself by prioritizing mental health while living in a capitalist society. 

 Black transgender man happily standing by his car.  

Once I gave myself permission to be my true self, I noticed that the switch to be comfortable in my body, affirm my gender expression and to challenge people’s opinions even sometimes those in my community did not happen overnight. It took time and consistent work on myself to which I still keep practice to this day. And by ‘work’ I mean upkeeping my mental health wellness with the assistance of a therapist, practicing self compassion, and having a good ass time. Once I started self compassion affirmations, it changed the game for me completely. 

So now I live unapologetically. I proudly express all facets of my identity: an Afro- Caribbean transgender man who lives bicoastal between where I grew up, Flatbush, Brooklyn, (the indigenous land of Lenape) and Oakland, CA (the indigenous land of Ohlone). I advocate for justice for systematically oppressed communities while also producing mesmerizing events with a social impact, loving the outdoors, traveling internationally with my friends and being fashionable. My life has become so vibrant since I prioritized my mental well being. Through this journey of transformation, I created COOL KIDS GO TO THERAPY APPAREL. My goal is to help others see their shine as I let mine light my way.